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Kegenix PRIME 28 - Lemon Twist
Kegenix PRIME 28 - Lemon Twist
Kegenix PRIME 28 - Lemon Twist

Kegenix PRIME 28 - Lemon Twist

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*** Exclusively in Canada on Able Cells ***

If you are looking for a ketone supplement that has a track record of helping people lose weight, then you should give Keygenix Prime a shot.

Kegenix PRIME was developed by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD. at the University of South Florida is designed to deliver the most ketones per gram possible. Dom is the leading researcher when it comes to exogenous ketones and consults for professional athletes, and the military... serious stuff.

A PRIME daily serving has more exogenous ketones and ketone precursors than any other ketone supplement in the market and in some cases at half the cost…not to mention the efficacy difference created by its proprietary blend.

PRIME stimulates an enhanced metabolic rate for increased fat burn while not burning protein so you can maintain your critical muscle mass.

Kegenix Prime's patented formula is designed to make the ketones as bio-available as possible. Not only will Kegenix™ PRIME  put your body into a state of ketosis in under 60 minutes, it will also promote healthy brain function, better clarity, and reduce inflammation and brain fog.

How many servings?

There are 28 servings.

Recommended serving

Kegenix recommends 1 scoop per day, but if you are following the Able Cells 16x6 protocol you can get away with half a scoop.

How long will it last? 

If you take the recommended 1 scoop/day, this bottle will last you 28-30 days. 

What should I mix it with?

I like to add it to warm water (yes, I know) and sip on it. 

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