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KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade
KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade

KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade

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The original keto salt is finally here on Able Cells. By far the best tasting keto salt on the market, this is the one that put Able Cells founder Kent Fenwick on the keto path. 

KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade mixes well with water and the flavour is fantastic. This is my go-to product and it's always on my desk and in my kitchen pantry. The flavour is sweet but tangy and packs a nice strawberry punch. Tastes like it shouldn't be healthy, but it is!

KetoSports KetoCaNa's quality is unmatched. 

Recommended Serving

KetoSports recommends 1 scoop per day, but if you are following the Able Cells 16x6 protocol you can get away with half a scoop.

How Long Will it Last?

If you take the recommended 1 scoop/day, this bottle will last you 16 days. However, I am still using a bottle that I purchased several months ago. Given its potency and it's cost, I recommend getting it in conjunction with Kegenix or Perfect Keto. 

What Should You Mix it With?

I like to add it to warm water (yes, I know) and sip on it. Its flavour is so good that I don't recommend adding it to smoothies etc.

Make sure that you add a little bit of MCT oil to it as well, the keto salts become more bioavailable when taken with oil.

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