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Welcome to our first 3 Bullet Thursday, each week I will share with you some of the knowledge that I have gained in the arenas of physical and mental fitness.

My name is Kent and I am the person that started Able Cells, in fact, I am also the person that picks up the phone if you call our 1-800 number (git it a try, 1-888-304-1359), here are three things I found interesting this week.

1. Keto Pancakes that actually taste delicious.

I am not a fan of cream cheese and have a problem with almond flour (reminds too much of amaretto and I had a bad experience with amaretto during my stag some 10 years ago) but this recipe is quick and delicious. Make sure you over mix, I found that's the key. 

Link to the Recipe

2. Can certain diets help us heal?

This is great article that showed up in the New York Times that made its way around Twitter this week. It's not a quick read but highly worth your time. It's all about how little we still know about nutrition when it comes to long term effects. Anyone on the keto diet needs to make sure they are playing the long game, staying on top of these findings are important. The take away here is that some cancers seem to respond well to the keto diet when combined with certain chemotherapies, others do not. There is no silver bullet so we have to do more research to understand. In fact, the author, a doctor, advocates that we need to rethink health and nutrition and build it up brick by brick.

Link to the Full NYT article

3. Hop into the sauna this holiday season

It's a cold day in Mississauga today as I write this and I want nothing more than to jump in the sauna, especially after re-watching this amazing video from my one of my favourite health researchers Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She outlines all of the research that continues to pour out of Scandinavia around the benefits of heat shock proteins that are kicked-off by sauna use.

Watch the video on YouTube

That's it for this 3 bullet Thursday, I hope you enjoy it and as always, let me know on Facebook if there are specific things you are curious about. Can't say, I will know the answer but I will try and find out.

To your good health,


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